Our mission

We invent new technologies, develop innovative solutions and make them available to the security market to facilitate processes and fight document forgeries, product counterfeiting and identity theft.

Solving your challenges and spreading reliability is our passion. Our multicultural experts are all result-focused and dedicated to imagining, engineering and delivering Solutions that meet your needs and build Trust within the community.

Our Company

Swiss Authentis is an independent and neutral company. We specialise entirely in the design and management of solutions to ensure full satisfaction of our Clients.

Our Ambition

With an ambition to grow our activity globally, and already present internationally, our long experience of developing countries and emerging economies makes the difference.

Example of Products

Document authentication

An innovative combination of security graphic elements to secure the content of your documents and allows easy detection of falsifications and counterfeits.

Brand protection

Innovative product or document marking to fight counterfeiting and ensure authenticity and traceability.


An electronic platform that provides a convenient way to apply for a visa while boosting administrative efficiency and security.


A secured solution integrated in dedicated web portals and apps, for remote identification, asset tracking, tax management and access control.