Saferoad360, our ground Transport Integrated Monitoring Solution (TIMS), enables secure identification of all vehicles in the country, real-time checks and fines for non-compliant vehicles. The platform interfaces with, and if necessary supplements, all available sources of information relating to vehicles, their owners and drivers.

Using dedicated handheld readers, law enforcement officers have instant access to the status and information of the vehicle being checked.

This solution is eligible to a delivery under a Public-Private Partnership.

The Saferoad360 solution relies on the following modules:

Saferoad360 Web-Based Platform

Our digital platform for the identification of offending vehicles integrates all available compliance data sources such as the databases of the vehicle registration, the Tax department, the Insurance companies, the road worthiness testing centers, the Police, etc.

Saferoad360 Databases

Multi-modal interfaces.

Secured Identification Tag

2D code or RFID security tag

Handheld Android Readers

Dedicated handheld readers enable law enforcement officers to have instant access to the status and information of the vehicle being checked, and issue tickets whenever necessary.

Law enforcement, compliance.

Detection of false number plates and stolen vehicles.

Increase in revenue. better insurance coverage.
Targeting of controls, follow-up of infringements.