Opportunities for Business Partners

At Swiss Authentis, we believe in synergies and teamwork. We welcome integrators’ requests for co-operation:

Supplying/licensing our technology to IT integrators
Due to proximity, local IT integrators know their market better than any global organization. They are welcome to source elements of our technologies, such as Graphical Security Elements, and include them in their dedicated solution to better serve customers within their domestic market.

Building local content and creating local added-value
For Swiss Authentis, contributing to local economy development and maximising projects local content is a must. Co-operation with local IT companies is thus a usual pattern for us. When Swiss Authentis is directly engaged by an Institution, our habit is to source local skills and experience in order to subcontract part of the work within a precise Standard Level Agreement. We therefore encourage skilled local operators to contact us and engage into a business relationship.

Synergies and portage
Startups and Innovators with demonstrable technologies related to our field of activity are welcome for presentations. Selected innovations presenting potential synergies will be added to our portfolio and benefit from our international marketing network and sales and promotion efforts. Please feel free to contact us and send your pitch.