Our activity is based on Discretion, Confidentiality and Data protection. These 3 pillars make the foundation of our daily work. What are the guarantees for our Clients?

Swiss laws protect our Clients. Swiss laws concerning data protection ensures complete confidentiality for both businesses and individuals, and no government can have access to personal information without the agreement of a judge.

Swiss Authentis’ executive and senior staff members have a long practice of handling sensitive cases and fully understands the necessity of discretion. All our employees are bound by stringent confidentiality agreements.

Swiss Authentis’ data centres are located in Switzerland and certified ISO 27001. The connection we provide are secured and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

Swiss Authentis’ authentication process relies on the highest secure Hash Algorithms.

Swiss Authentis has carefully selected its security printing and smartcards production facilities, all certified ISO 27001 and ISO 14298.