National Identification is the backbone of a nation, an indispensable task to identify citizens, residents, to ensure electoral participation and to grant access to education, health, social welfare, communication and financial services. Today’s ID solutions provide people with a better access to public and private services, while giving governments the opportunity to listen and to improve the lives of their citizens.

While Governments are regularly encouraged to optimize the security of their documents of identity (ID cards and passports), the breeder documents usually enjoy less security features and are more likely to be subject to counterfeiting and forgery.

Not limited to any technologies, Swiss Authentis’ offers you the solution perfectly tailored to your demand or challenges, and may include financing. We analyse the situation jointly with your team, and focus on designing and proposing the ideal solution with the best cost/benefit ratio. Highly flexible, Swiss Authentis will implement the solution diligently and ensure sharp training of your staff.

Data Enrolment
Data management

Any document delivered under the authority of a State or Government body can benefit from our technologies and services. The list is long and non-exhaustive: Voting cards, Driving licences, Identity cards, Passports, National Health or Social Security cards, visas, breeder documents, Diplomas, Vehicle registrations, tax stickers, licences, patents, etc.

In order to propose to its Government clients a comprehensive Identity solution, Swiss Authentis maintains a set of partnerships with a short selection of High Security Printers. Amongst the shortlist carefully reviewed by our experts, Swiss Authentis relies on Selp and its 4 certified production sites for the productions of Smartcards.