At Swiss Authentis, we believe that the information conveyed by your documents (the content) is more important that the media conveying the information (the carrier, such as the paper, plastic card, sticker…). Hence our approach of securing the content of your documents, not only the carrier.

Our AiCode® technology allows organizations and Governments to protect both electronic and printed documents by adding a security code in the shape of an encrypted stamp. This stamp looks like a machine readable code (QR Code, PDF 417, Datamatrix…). This security code contains key elements of the content of the document and other data to be able to check and guarantee its integrity.

This Swiss Authentis document authentication unique solution is made of 3 modules:

Management Platform

The Information Management Platform allows the Client to key-in or upload the document(s) information

Code Generator

The code generator encrypts and stamps the documents


Through a dedicated App, smartphones or desktop scanners decrypt, offline, the stamp on any document

The smartphone App serves to scan the security code and reveal instantly if the data are genuine or not. Thanks to our Copy Sensitive Printed Strip (CSPS, the Anti-copy code), the App also detects whether the document is the original or a copy.

This solution can be deployed within a specific Administration or nationwide in order to secure all Government documents.
Some use cases: Universities, Notaries, Civil document registrar, Police, Ministry of Justice…