Swiss Authentis’ ethical core values are described in 4 chapters:


Integrity and ethics

• We act with honesty, fairness and in good faith.
• We do what we say we will do and keep our promises.
• We deliver our services based on clearly established contracts and well defined actions.
• We follow established policies and procedures while improving them.
• We respect confidentiality of business and personal information.
• We respect and apply local and international ethics and professional standards.
• We provide information, instruction and training as may be necessary to ensure health and safety.
• We meet our health and safety duties and responsibilities at work.


Impartiality and independence

• We deliver independent professional and unbiased advice.
• Our advices and proposals are accurate records of our analysis and findings in line with our best practices.


Respect for all individuals

• We treat others the way we would like to be treated.
• We always consider how our actions will affect others.
• We recognize and value individual contribution and we give accurate and constant feedback on individual performance.
• We respect differences, care about others and do not discriminate against others on the basis of nationality, ethnic origin, age, sex or religious or political beliefs.
• Swiss Authentis is an equal opportunity employer.


Social and environmental responsibility

We all respect the community, people and the environment in which we live and work and we always consider the impact of our actions upon the community, people and the environment. One of our priorities is to maximise the local content of our projects et generate added-value locally.

(Swiss Authentis’ detailed Ethics & Compliance Code is available on request).