Public Private Partnerships Solutions for Governments

Governments are working hard to protect the population, facilitate and boost trade activities, elevate citizen satisfaction and access to public services, reduce delivery cost and fight fraud. From civil registries to business licensing, voting to taxation, migration to healthcare, the modernization challenges are huge.

Our offer

Swiss Authentis offers a portfolio of innovative solutions to Governments and Ministries, Central banks, local administrations and parastatals. Our robust e-Government platforms and portals contribute to streamlining and facilitating the delivery of documents and the management of administrative processes.

Your Success

Government departments or agencies use our solutions to authenticate official documents, identify citizens, provide secure online or mobile services and validate transactions. Citizens, visitors and investors can easily and remotely access Government programs at any convenient time, while Government officials act efficiently and effectively by employing faster or simpler working methods.

Increased Government sovereignty and security

Reduced duplicated tasks and operating costs

Mitigated fraud and system abuse

While our services enable end-users to benefit from streamlined and facilitated administrative processes, they can be delivered in most cases under Public Private Partnership. PPP is our favourite approach to spare Government’s budget.

Somes examples: Passports, Identity cards, Driving licences, Business permits, e-Visas, e-Purse, Diplomas, Tax clearances, Certificates, Vehicle registration, Voting cards, Notarial deeds, any document of value…