Our approach

The fiduciary market is linked to a lock philosophy: Fiduciary elements (commonly known as security paper, security inks, holograms, threads, security printing methods, taggants, etc.) are combined in order to raise hurdles (or locks) to fraudsters and protect the document against tampering. But these elements protect the document, not its informational content nor the misuse of the document by an impostor.

Swiss Authentis goes beyond these locks by offering an armour ring of security: the fraudster can attack a ring, but the overall security remains intact and an alert is instantaneously triggered. Our security approach uses all the security elements of a document as well as its informational content: they are irrevocably linked together with an integrity code, called the AiCode®, that is printed with the document making it the one and only certified original document.

This AiCode® can be easily controlled at different security levels with a Smartphone or a desktop scanner.

AiCode®, an innovative Security Graphic Element

The AiCode® is an integrity code that can be printed on any commonly available printer. The AiCode® is the computed result of encrypted fixed and variable data and digitally signed, giving answers to falsifications threats. It includes our patented anti-copy code (solution to counterfeiting), and can also embed a photo (solution to ID-theft).

The digital result is materialized as a printed mark which is printed during the personalization of the document.

Thus secured, the document’s authenticity can be easily checked with a standard smartphone and a dedicated application.

AiCode® is impossible to scan not photocopy, is impossible to re-generate nor counterfeit, is impossible to falsify.