A major contribution to existing processes

“Unique Tokenized Asset Transactions”

Blockchain technology has become synonymous with data security and transparency. Swiss Authentis applies Non-Fungible Tokens (via  ERC-721 protocol) as an additional layer of security to represent digital proof of authentication and ownership over physical codes and items.

Swiss Authentis’ Platform leverages Blockchain architecture in order to enable clients to generate a unique Non-Fungible Token to each generated code and to manage different use cases through tailor-made apps, such as:

  • Online Ticketing
  • Non-Custodial Login
  • Reusable Know-Your-Customer (KYC) data

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents ownership of something unique.

Non-fungible tokens are not interchangeable nor copiable. They are uniquely identifiable and distinguishable during interaction and circulation, unlike cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin for example), and many network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.

Each NFT is different, therefore can be valued differently.

Non-Fungible Tokens Solutions

Stops resell fraud

Addressing the vulnerability of online ticketing, Swiss Authentis’ Ticketing solution enables an integrated system capable of authenticating ownership and managing ticket resales using the combined attributes of Blockchain with Swiss Authentis’ advanced technologies. A unique solution in the digital space to solve counterfeiting and fraud on a global scale.

Advantages of the Ticketing solution:

  • Users control full ownership over tickets – both online and offline
  • Sellers’ access to tickets are revoked after resales
  • Organizers can track the ecosystem and get a commission from resales activities

Secures your e-wallets

The Non-Custodial Login solution addresses the booming crypto exchanges sector. It allows users to encrypt data pieces, such as private keys, and enables 3rd parties to authorise users without decrypting and storing sensitive data.

The Non-Custodial Login solution enables users to:

  • Encrypt private keys and other data
  • Prove ownership of funds without losing control
  • Manage all of the above without advanced technical knowledge

Improves efficiency

The Reusable Know-Your-Customer solution authenticates and records credentials on the blockchain in a way that enables reusing data in multiple KYC processes. Users can upload their documentation to a trusted party, get it verified, and use the KYC result for contracted 3rd party services more securely, without sharing the original files.

Advantages of the Reusable KYC solution:

  • Improved privacy and better user experience
  • More efficient processes and less costly for client companies
  • A trustful and safe ecosystem for all parties

Swiss Authentis invents and brings to you innovative solutions to automate processes and drastically reduce vulnerabilities.