Solutions for brand owners

Case 1: Spare parts are crucial to keep machines running safely and reliably and ensure high performance. Safety and reliability should never be compromised. Unfortunately, fake parts are being used widely and can cause terrible accidents.

Case 2: As with anything of real value, discount coupons are subject to misuse and fraud, just like credit/debit cards, checks or currency. Counterfeit coupons have cost manufacturers millions of dollars and have created numerous costs and challenges for retailers and other industry participants. These counterfeits have ranged from amateur home-made coupons to high quality, professional examples virtually identical to those printed by the industry.

Our Technology

Swiss Authentis’ technology help stores, manufacturers and industries to fight counterfeit and trace illegal actions. SmartChrome®, our copy-sensitive security code allows on the spot offline verification of the incriminated object, whether a coupon, a spare part or any other product.

Any industry needing to protect its packaging or documents from counterfeiting and willing to easily detect copies from original documents will appreciate our solutions.